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this is my way of letting go

15 April
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i am generic. i'm nothing special. i am therese.
, 007, 1984, ambrosia, amélie, ben folds, best friends, birthdays, blankets, boy meets world, boy smell, brandon boyd, brian jacques, brieann, bright eyes, bubblegum, bubbles, calvin and hobbes, camping, cant hardly wait, catia, cats, christmas lights, clean socks, coldstones, coloring, concerts, conversation, cookies, crying on shoulders, cs lewis, cuddling, cymbal smashing, dance dance revolution, dancing in the rain, dashboard confessional, dead baby jokes, degrassi, desaparecidos, dimples, dirt, dorks, dreams, drumline, duluth, empire records, everwood, face the jury, faith, feeling left out, fireworks, fishing, five iron frenzy, flirting, free stuff, fridley, god, green, gummi bears, hair, harlan, harry potter, hats, hello kitty, holding hands, honey bunches of oats, hugging, hugs, ice cream, incubus, jason foss, jesus, kissing, laughing, lemonade, licking, lip gloss, live music, lord of the rings, mae, making out, marbles, meh, minneapolis, mittens, mood rings, neverending story, night, online, pajama pants, passions, pens, perkins, piano players, pianos, playgrounds, popsicles, psychology, purring, radio free roscoe, rain, rainbow, ramen, raspberry gingerale, reading, reality, rx bandits, sailor moon, save ferris, screaming, sharpies, showers, sitting on the roof, ska, sleeping, smiles, somerset, something to do, spring heeled jack, sprinklers, stars, starwars, stealing other people's interests, storms, suckers, sun, swedish fish, swimming, swings, that 70's show, the ataris, the postal service, the quest, thrift stores, tickling, toucan sam, tulips, walking, water, woods, worms, writing, www.explodingdog.com, xoxo, yig, zelda,